2019 Presentations

SEAC scientists, and those from other scientific organisations with whom we partner, regularly present at a number of different scientific conferences and meetings worldwide. Our presentations are listed in chronological order and can be downloaded from this page at any time.

Date Event Presentation Title
12 Dec ACLCA webinar Better, but Good Enough? Using Planetary Boundaries to increase the relevance of LCA
01 Nov RSPO meeting Extent of tropical grassy biomes suitable for palm oil
02 Sept Project Relief presentation Influence of consumer behaviour on the greenhouse gas impacts of shopping: A stochastic approach
29 Aug KOSMOS Conference Which forests could be protected by corporate zero deforestation commitments: a spatial assessment?
20 May Worldwide Universities Network Annual General Meeting 2019 Climate Research activities and systems across Unilever
24-26 Apr Open Science Meeting – Transforming Land Systems for People and Nature Using life cycle assessment to link production and consumption activities to biogeophysical effects of land use
07 Apr EGU General Assembly 2019 Implications of global warming levels for the world’s freshwater fishes