2019 Publications

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Douziech M, Benitez-Lopez A, Ernestoff A, Askham C, Hendriks AJ, King H, Huijbregts MAJ (2019). A regression-based model to predict chemical migration from packaging to food. Journal of  Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology.

Bjorn A, Sim S, King H, Keys P, Wang-Erlandsson L, Cornell SE, Margni M, Bulle S (2019). Challenges and opportunities towards improved application of the planetary boundary for land-system change in life cycle assessment of products. Science of the Total Environment, 696: 133964.

Lam WY, Kulak M, Sim S, King H, Huijbregts MAJ, Chaplin-Kramer R (2019). Greenhouse gas footprints of palm oil production in Indonesia over space and time. Science of the Total Environment, 688: 827-837.

Marquardt SG, Guindon M, Wilting HC, Steinmann ZJN, Sim S, Kulak M, Huijbregts MAJ (2019). Consumption-based biodiversity footprints – Do Different indicators yield different results? Ecological Indicators, 103: 461-470.