Presentation: Opportunities for NAMs in an EU regulatory context

This talk demonstrates the non-animal approaches we use in our safety assessments concentrating on some of the newer techniques we have developed and are applying in Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA). NGRA provides a way to integrate New Approach Methodology (NAM) data from various sources into the safety decision-making process, allowing for safety assessments to be conducted without the use of animal data. Recently, the Internal Cooperation for Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR) outlined nine principles for the use of NGRA to make decisions on consumer safety of ingredients in cosmetics product. These principles have been incorporated into the most recent update of the European Commission’s SCSS Notes of Guidance for the Testing of Cosmetic Ingredients and their Safety Evaluation and used by Unilever in several published case studies in the areas of systemic toxicity and skin allergy

Whilst the adoption of NAMs for decisions on consumer safety in the EU continues to progress, there has been slower progress with the acceptance of NAMs for chemical registration in the EU though significant opportunities exist to increase their use and acceptance.

View the presentation here.


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