Presentation: History of Safe Use: A non-animal approach to risk assess botanicals in cosmetics products

There is now a growing consumer interest in cosmetic products which contain botanicals (herbal material or extracts). Many botanicals have an extensive history of safety use for several hundreds of years. However, safety assessment on such types of ingredients in cosmetics without using animal data still poses a challenge. This talk will present a novel non-animal approach, History of Safe Use (HoSU), which has been developed and used by Unilever for many years for risk assessing safety of botanical ingredients. Following risk-based risk assessment principles, the approach integrates both exposure and hazard information of botanicals using a multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) tool. The MCDA evaluates the similarity of the botanical ingredient of interest to its historic counterpart – the comparator, the evidence supporting the history of use, and any evidence of concern. The assessment made is whether a botanical ingredient is as safe as its comparator botanical, which has a history of use. We will illustrate the approach with a case study on green tea. The study generates some objective, transparent, and transferable safety assessment outcomes.

View the presentation here.


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