NC3Rs Workshop: Application of non-animal approaches for decision making in chemical safety assessment

This workshop jointly hosted by Unilever and NC3Rs brought together academic and industry researchers across disciplines to share their knowledge and experiences in applying non-animal (in vitro and in silico) methods for efficacy and safety assessment decision-making.

The key objectives of the workshop were to:

– Showcase how non-animal approaches are currently being used to enable and improve decision-making in chemical safety assessment

– Increase awareness and acceptance of non-animal approaches to accelerate their uptake, particularly in a regulatory setting

– Identify scientific gaps that if addressed could have a significant impact on the uptake of non-animal approaches

– Encourage collaboration between sectors to maximise the impact of non-animal approaches


Next Generation Risk Assessment for Consumer Products: A Case Study ApproachPresented by: Carl Westmoreland


Next generation risk assessment (NGRA): bridging in vitro points-of-departure to human safety assessment using physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling – a case study with doxorubicinAuthors: Hequn Li, Haitao Yuan, Qiang Zhang, Alistair Middleton, Jin Li, Beate Nicol, Carl Westmoreland, Paul Carmichael, Jiabin Guo, Shuangqing Peng