EuroTox 2019

Scientists from Unilever SEAC and our collaborators at University of Cambridge will present different aspects of our research at the annual Eurotox Congress meeting in Helsinki (8th – 11th September, 2019). Details of presentations and posters can be found below. For full details of the event please visit the EuroTox website.


Application of AOPs to the development of Defined Approaches (DA) and Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA) Presenter: Gavin Maxwell


Next Generation Risk Assessment of Coumarin in a Hypothetical face cream product (P19-006) Author: Maria Baltazar

Identifying and characterising stress pathways of concern for consumer risk assessments (P06-026) Author: Alistair Middleton

Probabilistic prediction of Human Skin Sensitiser Potency for use in Next Generation Risk Assessment (P22-005) Author: Gavin Maxwell

Predicting Systemic Concentrations Following Topical Application Using Physiologically Based Kinetic Modelling (P19-188) Author: Ian Sorrell

Gaining Insight into Toxicity Predicting Machine Learning Algorithms (P19-017) Author: Tim Allen (University of Cambridge)