The future of toxicology: 21st century safety sciences

An education programme at the 6th Chinese National Toxicology Congress on 12th Nov 2013, Guangzhou, China (main congress 13-15th)


This education programme will introduce to the Chinese Toxicology Society (~6000 members) the challenges and opportunities offered by the recent advances in 21st century safety assessments, including the new concepts of pathways-based approaches to toxicity testing (TT21C) and mechanism-focused approaches to risk assessment (adverse outcome pathways – AOPs). This event will illustrate new tools and novel approaches in exposure assessment, hazard characterisation and risk assessment. The programme will aim to call for further contributions and creativity from Chinese scientists to accelerate this paradigm shift in toxicology.

Sponsors: Chinese SOT, Unilever and Agilent Technologies.

Timing: 14:00-18:00 (4 hours) on 12 November, 2013.

Venue: Hotel Dong Fang, Guangzhou.

Proposed Agenda:

Time Duration Speaker Title Affiliation Notes
14:00 10 min Dr Jin Li / Prof Shuanqing Peng (Chairs) Introduction to the education session Unilever/ AMMS
14:10 20 min Prof Paul Carmichael 21st Century Safety Sciences: taking the metro from TT21C to AOP (Abstract) Unilever/ Peking University Introductory
14:30 30 min Dr Maurice Whelan Applying Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP) to assuring the protection of human health (Abstract) JRC, European Commission
15:00 30 min Dr Rebecca Clewell Applying TT21C to DNA damage: the p53  network, modelling and IVIVE (Abstract) Hamner Institutes Human health
15:30 15 min Dr Oliver Price Applying AOPs to Environmental Toxicity: Source to Outcome (Abstract) Unilever
15:45 30 min Prof Tom Hutchinson Adverse outcome pathways in aquatic  environmental risk assessment: progress and research challenges (Abstract) Plymouth University Environment
16:15 15 min Dr Paul Russell Molecular Initiating Events (MIEs) in AOPs: the chemistry perspective (Abstract) Unilever
16:30 30 min Dr Richard Judson Toxcast approaches to high throughput risk assessments: pathways-based TK/TD (Abstract) EPA
17:00 15 min Dr Mary McBride Future Platforms for In Vitro-Based Toxicity Testing (Abstract) Agilent Enabling technologies
17:15 30 min Dr Erik Danen From integrated signalling networks to high content microscopy: systems approaches for TT21C (Abstract) Leiden University
17:45 15 min Prof Shuanqing Peng Mitochondrial toxicity and new China goals for TT21C/AOP AMMS
18:00 2 min Dr Jin Li Close the session Unilever The Chinese research opportunity