9th World congress on alternatives 24-28 August 2014

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Scientists from Unilever will be presenting many aspects of our research into 21st Century Safety Science at the 9th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences in Prague (24th-28th August, 2014). This will include several oral presentations during the scientific sessions, as well as chairing some of these sessions and presenting some of our research as posters.

For full details of the Congress please visit:  http://www.wc9prague.org/scientific-program/wc9-themes/

Unilever Oral Presentations

Monday 25th August

10.15-12.15 in Congress Hall II – Session II-4b: Risk Assessment – Cosmetics.

Session II-4b-061: Consumer risk assessments for personal care products without the use of data generated in animals. Presented by Dr. Carl Westmoreland.

15.15-17.15 in Karlin II and III – Session II-6a: Updates on Research Activities from the USA.

Session II-6a-942: ToxCast/Tox21: Modern Approaches for Industry Benefit. Presented by Prof. Paul Carmichael.

15.15-17.15 in Athens + Barcelona – Session II-1a: Pathways approaches in toxicology.

Session II-1a-251: Can cancer safety assessment be conducted solely on the basis of in vitro studies? Presented by Prof. Paul Carmichael.

Tuesday 26th August

10.00-12.00 in Congress Hall II – Session II-12a: Skin sensitization.

Session II-12a 181: From Pathways to People: Applying the Skin Sensitisation AOP to Risk Assessment. Presented by Dr. Gavin Maxwell.

Wednesday 27th August

10:00–12:00 in Berlin + Brussels – Session II-2: Systems biology

Session II-2-395: Development of a mechanistic based model for Nrf2 and oxidative stress in the context of the Adverse Outcome Pathway framework. Presented by Dr. Andrew White.

Unilever Poster Presentations

Tuesday 26th August – Poster Viewing 11

Session II-12: Skin sensitization

II-12-180Modelling the skin sensitization Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) for risk assessment. N. Gellatly, R. Cubberley, S. Dhadra, S. Jacquoilleot, G. Maxwell, C. Moore, R. Pendlington, J. Pickles, O. Saib, D. Sheffield, R. Stark, V. Summerfield, C. Mackay. Presented by Nikki Gellatly.

Session II-16: Inhalation toxicology

II-16-067Prototype inhalation risk assessment for biopersistents using adverse outcome pathway (AOP) approaches. P. Jones, B. Bradford, P. Fowler, A. Furniss, A. Homan, R. Stark, A. White. Presented by Penny Jones.

Photo Gallery:

Unilever Booth at 9th World Congress

Dr. Carl Westmoreland presenting at 9th World Congress       Prof Paul Carmichael presenting at WC9

Dr Gavin Maxwell presenting at WC9

Penny Jones presenting at WC9        Dr Andy White presenting at WC9