Recognising early career scientists

SEAC sponsors two awards which recognise scientific achievements of scientists early in their career. This includes an annual award for Scientific Communication from a Unilever-sponsored PhD.

Our Awards

The SEAC PhD Award for Science Communication is an annual prize that recognises excellence in science communication by a PhD student currently funded by Unilever SEAC. The £3000 prize is awarded to the most impactful presentation (oral or poster) or accepted manuscript within a calendar year between 1st May and 30th April. The prize, launched in May 2014 and first awarded in 2015 at the “Celebrating 25 years of SEAC’s Science & Technology” symposium, is awarded every year in June.

As part of our commitment to recognise scientific contributions and reward high quality R&D that has an impact on the 21st century safety science without the use of animal testing, Unilever, in partnership with C-SOT, sponsor five Alternatives to Animal Testing (AAT) awards each year (2016 to 2018) in China. Two “contribution awards” are presented to pioneer scientists who have committed themselves to the advancement of AAT in China and have already made a significant contribution to the field, In addition three “innovation awards” are given to outstanding scientists who have completed a piece of primary research or technical development published in a peer-reviewed journal or a book in the last 3 years.See the winners here.