Poster: Proposed framework for the safety assessment of skin care actives in relation to skin microbiome perturbations

With the advent of non-culture-based methods to infer the microbiome composition and function, our understanding of the link between the skin microbiome status and human health is advancing. Therefore, in a risk assessment context for skin care products, it appears necessary to include the effect on the relevant microbiome. Following a multidisciplinary expert workshop, criteria that could characterise a healthy microbiome response to the application of skin actives were lead to the development of a 4-tiered framework for product risk assessment-decision making. The first tier considers the history of safe use, consisting of any evidence of exposure to the active with no known adverse effect observed over several years. The second tier, reversibility, is based on the observation that although acute interventions elicit short term shifts in the skin bacterial communities, the skin microbiome of a healthy individual is stable over time. The last two tiers focus on the protection of beneficial functions and/or beneficial microorganisms and call for more fundamental research.

View the poster here.


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